Civil Engineering Works

General design and construction of civil infrastructure including feasibility studies, civil and structural design, construction management in the broader fields of water supply and sewerage management, highways, bridges, stormwater control measures, airports, low-rise and high-rise buildings, industrial parks and community recreational facilities.

Transportation Works

Transport economic studies, urban and inter-urban transport planning, traffic flow analyses, mass transit systems management, transportation safety and policy development.

Electro - Mechanical Works

Design, installation, maintenance and operational management of electrical-mechanical systems and processes; industrial performance audits; industrial systems selection, re-design and overhaul; medium and long-term high efficiency investment portfolio design.

Environmental Works

Environmental impact assessments, effluent assessment, design of particle collectors, process review and optimization.

Energy Works

Appropriate energy studies, energy conservation, energy resources development.

Capacity Development

Project planning and management, site organisation and construction management, contract law and contract conditions, contract administration and procedures, business planning and commercially sound management practices, valuation and cost control, training courses in plant and equipment operation and maintenance, training in craftsmanship and product value addition

Our Engineers

Barnabas Bwambale

Chairman, Board of Directors
Ph.D., P.E., Aff. M.ASCE

Peter Mugumya

Chief Executive Officer

Graham Tumwesigye

Business Development Manager
PGD Project Management, BSc CIV

Patrick Mugwanya

Operations Manager
MSc.Electrical Power Systems Engineering, BSc. Electrical Engineering

Michael Tumwesige


Joseph Baluku